This is my favorite picture of myself. I’m standing on top of the Kjerag bolt, and the picture makes me feel strong and in control, neither of which I really am as of right now.

I will get there!

This next one is my “before”. Taken 04.01.2010 – the truth hurts, but this is how I look now, and all I can do is do something about it!

This is me again, 21.01.2010. I can’t really see much progress yet, except that I seem a little less bloated.


NeXT photo: 05.03.2010 – WI @ 79.3 kg

NeXT photo: 22.08.2010 – WI @ 76.4 kg

2 Responses to Pictures

  1. slowmiles says:

    I love the first picture of you! What a great picture!
    Also, I think you are super brave for putting a picture of yourself in your underwear on the internet. I think if I did that people would cry in horror. 🙂

    • Marianne says:

      I love the first picture too!

      The second one, not so much. In a way, I think it’s much less brave to put a picture up on the internet for “strangers” to see – to me the idea of my friends/aquaintances seeing me in a bathing suit is much more scary!

      ps. Yay! This is the first comment I’ve ever received! Thanks!

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