Yesterday was date night!  Went out for dinner with J after enduring 55 brutal minutes of spin class. I really wish I enjoyed exercise more – while I love the feeling of accomplishment afterwards, and the post-sweating-buckets glow, I really wish I could be one of those people who love pushing their bodies and revel in physical activity.

Anyway, dinner was great!  Went to Renaa, a fairly new restaurant here, and they had so many delicious-sounding menu items.  We ended up splitting the steak tartare (don’t be afraid of raw beef, it’s DIVINE! Sorry, vegetarians), then my dining partner had halibut with mushrooms, and I had a chicken and coucous tagine.

The best olives I’ve ever tasted. Ever.

Red wine.

J’s halibut. Yummy!

My chicken tajine (tagine?)

Outfit.  Ugh, I know, awkward myspace mirror photo.

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