I’ve decided to make some changes.  I haven’t been on in months, mainly because I’ve been a bit ashamed that I

a) haven’t been losing weight

b) haven’t been following WW point

c) CERTAINLY hasn’t had a realistic approach to this so-called marathon training.

So, some announcements. Obviously, I’m not going to run a marathon in late September. I still have no idea what I was thinking.  I’ve been reading a lot of Healthy Living blogs, and everyone’s just so motivated, consistent – and actually make their goals. I, on the other hand, have been running (jogging) just every once in a while.  And I’m OK with that.  I’ve readjusted my expectations and come to the conclusion that I’m going to take this slow. I want to live healthy (but still fun!) lifestyle, and I will run a marathon at one point in my life (even if I just walk) but it will not be now.

Instead, I’ve registered for a 10K in Stavanger next weekend. Much more realistic.

In other news, summer is coming to an end here. Sad panda.  I spent a wonderful 3 weeks in Thailand with J – and as a lovely last hurrah, I’m off to Kalkan, Turkey in mid-September. FUN TIMES AHEAD.

These past two weeks have been good, though – my eating’s not great, but not awful either – and I’ve been working out 4-5 times each week.

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