Volcanoes, scenery and a run


Once again I have not posted in a while.

But it’s been an eventful week! Remember how I was so excited to go to Paris?  Well, thanks to the stupid volcano on Iceland, I was instead stuck spending 18 of 36 hours on the train in no-man’s land between Stavanger and Oslo.   Faaaaaack.  But at least I made it to my exam, and it went well. This is where I spent waaaay too much time:

One of my best friends’ co-workers was supposed to go to a Bachelor Party Weekend in Berlin.  Yeahh… Only one guy made it. And had one hell of a trip home.

But now that my exam is over, I have my freedom, and am inspired to exercise! I had the most amazing run today – not because  I felt like I was in good shape (I didn’t) but because I just discovered the most amazing path a mere kilometer from my apartment.

Seriously. It’s stunning.

I can’t believe I’ve lived here for a year, and haven’t been here before!!

This is definitely going to be my new go-to place for running (and BBQs. and picnics. and taking my camera out).

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