Never will I ever

  1. Wear running shorts. You know the type – slits on the side, loose short shorts.  I’ve ranted about how much I despise shorts in the past (they’re fine on other people, just not me), but running shorts deserve a special mention. While not only displaying far more wobbly tissue than I care to share, but also: EPIC chafing.
  2. Be  a morning person. A couple of weeks ago, I got up at 5 am, went to the gym, and went to work. No big whoop – I see bloggers who do this  All power to them, I genuinely admire them. It just isn’t for me.  I love the feeling of having completed a workout before the workday has even begun, but not only do I not have all that much energy in the morning, but rather than energising me it leaves me longing for my duvet come 11.30. I hope I can keep going to the gym before work every once in a while, but I tell you: the day I start getting up at 5 am on a regular basis, DEFINITELY check the sky for flying pigs and fat ladies in song.
  3. Starve myself. As much as I want to lose weight, I am a hungry girl who gets grouchy when I’m not fed. A few years ago I did a week on the Cambridge Diet, “nourishing” myself on 3 shakes/soups per day. Gross. I gave up after 5 days,  and spent then following 5 days making up for “lost food”. Needless to say, this is not the weight loss strategy for me.
  4. Never say never – but I don’t intend to wear a one-piece bathing suit any time soon.  I never understand how a one-piece is more reassuring/flattering to larger people. Give me a bikini! Seriously, I’ve tried on one-pieces and they are just not a good look at all. I do love these vintagey pin-up style one-pieces, but they don’t suit me, and ultimately result in awkward tan lines.
  5.  Give up! I’ll never stop trying to improve my health, fitness and general wellbeing.

One Response to Never will I ever

  1. Ha I hate running shorts too…it’s not even the chafing and wobbly tissue (though there’s that too) but just the fact that they are so UGLY!

    I used to hate on morning workouts too, but it’s a lot easier in the summer, so maybe give it another try come June. 🙂

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