Long Time, No See

I haven’t been doing so well lately in terms of sticking to my eating.

Positives: I haven’t gained lots of weight (This morning I was at 77,5 kg)

Negatives: I’ve gotten a lot of bad habits back – and I’m in worse shape. I actually think the reason why I haven’t gained loads of weight back could have to do with the fact that I built a lot of muscle in the beginning, which  I have now been losing.

I was really sick for the past two weeks, and while no excuse, this prevented me from exercising – and I’m a bit weak in the sense that if I miss out on exercise, I’m more likely to slip food-wise, which in turn makes me spiral into a continuing “I’ll make the most out of eating poorly now, then get back on track tomorrow”.

“Tomorrow” tends to stay as tomorrow, and before I know it a month has passed, and I’m eating gummi worms for breakfast and loading up on turkey and gravy in the cafeteria instead of a loaded salad.

Anyway. There’s not much point in dwelling – what’s done is done, and now I’m back up again with my workouts – ran a record 9 km on Sunday, and went to spinning last night. I’m sore now, but good sore.

Back on track!

Ps. Could there BE any more candy-filled Easter eggs everywhere?! I need to learn to just say no to free candy!


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