A New Archnemesis

March 30, 2010

I may have a new archnemesis. Behold. The running SKIRT!? I didn’t even know these things existed!  OK. The girl in the picture below certainly looks cute in it.  Unfortunately we don’t all look like athletics models. Le sigh.

Wouldn’t this result in even MORE chafe than my former bane, the short short running shorts?

I’m sticking to my capris/running tights – this is just too crazy for me.

Disclaimer: I have never been known to be a fan of miniskirts anyways, so I may be biased here.

Isn’t SKORTS the worst unsexy word?

Never will I ever

March 30, 2010
  1. Wear running shorts. You know the type – slits on the side, loose short shorts.  I’ve ranted about how much I despise shorts in the past (they’re fine on other people, just not me), but running shorts deserve a special mention. While not only displaying far more wobbly tissue than I care to share, but also: EPIC chafing.
  2. Be  a morning person. A couple of weeks ago, I got up at 5 am, went to the gym, and went to work. No big whoop – I see bloggers who do this every.single.day.  All power to them, I genuinely admire them. It just isn’t for me.  I love the feeling of having completed a workout before the workday has even begun, but not only do I not have all that much energy in the morning, but rather than energising me it leaves me longing for my duvet come 11.30. I hope I can keep going to the gym before work every once in a while, but I tell you: the day I start getting up at 5 am on a regular basis, DEFINITELY check the sky for flying pigs and fat ladies in song.
  3. Starve myself. As much as I want to lose weight, I am a hungry girl who gets grouchy when I’m not fed. A few years ago I did a week on the Cambridge Diet, “nourishing” myself on 3 shakes/soups per day. Gross. I gave up after 5 days,  and spent then following 5 days making up for “lost food”. Needless to say, this is not the weight loss strategy for me.
  4. Never say never – but I don’t intend to wear a one-piece bathing suit any time soon.  I never understand how a one-piece is more reassuring/flattering to larger people. Give me a bikini! Seriously, I’ve tried on one-pieces and they are just not a good look at all. I do love these vintagey pin-up style one-pieces, but they don’t suit me, and ultimately result in awkward tan lines.
  5.  Give up! I’ll never stop trying to improve my health, fitness and general wellbeing.


March 30, 2010

AQUAPAC Digital SLR Case will soon be mine!

It was my birthday in February, and I was informed by my parents to pick a present to make life easier for them. I’m not complaining!

So, since I’m off to the beaches of THAILAND in July (SQUEE!!), I figured a water- and sandproof case for my camera would come in handy. I LOOOOVE taking pictures, but I also have a penchant for dropping and breaking stuff, so this gagdet seems pretty spectacular.  I love that I can not worry about my camera at all, and I’m super excited about being able to take pictures under water!!

I will write a review of this when I get it, but what I’ve heard so far is all good!

One more reason I haven’t been doing too well lately

March 30, 2010

Baking! My nemesis – i adore to bake, and always bring the finished product to work, but somehow end up sampling WAY too much batter and “ugly ones” in the process.

That being said, they look cool, no? I stole the idea from bakerella – white cupcake “buns” filled with brownie “burgers” and cream cheese frosting for ketchup, mustard and lettuce.

Oh yeah, and please ignore the ski goggles, my sister was going to borrow them and i put them on my head to make sure i wouldn’t forget them.

Long Time, No See

March 30, 2010

I haven’t been doing so well lately in terms of sticking to my eating.

Positives: I haven’t gained lots of weight (This morning I was at 77,5 kg)

Negatives: I’ve gotten a lot of bad habits back – and I’m in worse shape. I actually think the reason why I haven’t gained loads of weight back could have to do with the fact that I built a lot of muscle in the beginning, which  I have now been losing.

I was really sick for the past two weeks, and while no excuse, this prevented me from exercising – and I’m a bit weak in the sense that if I miss out on exercise, I’m more likely to slip food-wise, which in turn makes me spiral into a continuing “I’ll make the most out of eating poorly now, then get back on track tomorrow”.

“Tomorrow” tends to stay as tomorrow, and before I know it a month has passed, and I’m eating gummi worms for breakfast and loading up on turkey and gravy in the cafeteria instead of a loaded salad.

Anyway. There’s not much point in dwelling – what’s done is done, and now I’m back up again with my workouts – ran a record 9 km on Sunday, and went to spinning last night. I’m sore now, but good sore.

Back on track!

Ps. Could there BE any more candy-filled Easter eggs everywhere?! I need to learn to just say no to free candy!

Beautiful day!

March 2, 2010

But oh so chilly. Brrr!

Early bird

March 2, 2010

Pigs are flying.

Hell froze over.

The fat lady sang.

No , in reality, I just got up all kinds of early, and was AT THE GYM at 06.30 am.  This may not sound impressive – I read several blogs where people work out at 5 am every single day of the week – but for me, this is pretty uncommon. 

The last time I worked out in the morning was in 1999. The year I graduated High School.

So, keeping that in mind – I am quite pleased! I ran jogged 6 km on the treadmill in approximately 40 minutes, then jumped in the sauna for 5 minutes – then headed to work.  A guy in my office has started working out in the mornings for the past few weeks, and I’ve always wanted to be able to do it (I just hate getting up in the morning).

Conclusion: I felt smug and pleased. But, also hungry!! It’s only 13.30, and I’m about to gnaw off my arm – and I had lunch at 11. Weak.  Also, I’m really quite sleepy 5 hours of sleep is not really all that much.

So I don’t think this is going to become a very regular thing, but I’m excited that I did it, and I will try to include more morning workouts when I drag my ass out of bed in time.