Well, today I succumbed to Lululemon.

I was browsing their website (basically to check if they had stores outside of North America – I’m going to Paris and London in April and May, and I was planning on swooping by a store if they had one).  Conclusion: they DO sell some clothes in London, but  it’s at some random store, that I’m guessing doesn’t have that much stuff to choose from.  Furthermore, also have flat rate shipping of USD 30 for international orders.  So I collapsed. And ordered $219 worth of clothing (this gives much less clothing than one might think – this stuff is expensive!).

But I’m so excited!!!

I bought:

The boxers are for the Jman. (I’m not actually a dude).

I can’t wait for this stuff to arrive!! I’m trying to convince myself that I will put on the outfit as a reward when I’ll be down to 80.0 kg (my last weigh-in was 81.7), so hopefully it will arrive a bit late, as I’m not sure I’ll be able to contain myself once it arrives…

Anyway, I must get back to hitting the books – I have a MAJOR exam on Thursday (to become an authorized interest rate analyst… Snore.), so I’ll be off to Oslo from Wednesday afternoon until Sunday.


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