Testing testing

February 26, 2010

27.01.2010: At work we had a body analysis done – to be compared with the results after Nordsjørittet.  I’m hoping to have improved by decreasing fat percentage and weight, and increasing muscle.  I’m aiming for 15 kg of weight lost by June 12, 2010 (which would put me at approximately 68 kgs by then).


February 26, 2010

Long time, no see

February 26, 2010

Well, I haven’t been around much lately, have I?  Truth is, I’ve been having a bit of a rough time.  4 days in Oslo taking (and failing) a very important exam left me in a bad spot, and unfortunaltey my eating deteriorated significantly.  The Jr. Whopper made an appearance. As did 8 candy bars in 4 days, and numerous junk snacks.

But, I actually managed to get back on track! And I’m actually quite proud of this – as I mentioned earlier, when I was in university, I did Weight Watchers for 6 weeks, and lost weight consistently (maybe 10-15 lbs all together – putting me at 158 lbs at the end).  However, I just gave up at the end.

This time around, I’m being MUCH less strict with counting points. I track on “normal” days, but for example in Trondheim last Thursday (my birthday dinner!) I had a 5-course gourmet meal, with wine and copious amounts of beer.  And I’m glad.  In order for me to keep going with this, I have to be able to be flexible – and for me that involves a “free day” every once in a while when in conjunction with special occasions.

Anyway, the good news is – I weighed in this morning at 79 kgs/176 lbs! That’s onle 0,1 kg off of 10 kg total weight loss since January 1st!

I’ve also been working out consistently, although not as often as I would like.  I will post a progress picture shortly.  It’s weird, in my head I thought losing 10 kgs would make a HUGE difference in my body, but really, my clothes aren’t really any looser.  But I do feel a difference, and this is definitely a motivation to keep going.

Popcorn fail

February 8, 2010

Just saw the movie Daybreakers. It was ok (I’m not that into vampires). Ate half of Jman’s massive popcorn. Not cool.

In better news, i ran (according to the nike+ sensor, which i suspect is a tad optimistic) 3,5 km to the gym, then went to catslide. Gorgeous weather, but still icy, unfortch:


February 8, 2010

Well, today I succumbed to Lululemon.

I was browsing their website (basically to check if they had stores outside of North America – I’m going to Paris and London in April and May, and I was planning on swooping by a store if they had one).  Conclusion: they DO sell some clothes in London, but  it’s at some random store, that I’m guessing doesn’t have that much stuff to choose from.  Furthermore, http://www.lululemon.com also have flat rate shipping of USD 30 for international orders.  So I collapsed. And ordered $219 worth of clothing (this gives much less clothing than one might think – this stuff is expensive!).

But I’m so excited!!!

I bought:

The boxers are for the Jman. (I’m not actually a dude).

I can’t wait for this stuff to arrive!! I’m trying to convince myself that I will put on the outfit as a reward when I’ll be down to 80.0 kg (my last weigh-in was 81.7), so hopefully it will arrive a bit late, as I’m not sure I’ll be able to contain myself once it arrives…

Anyway, I must get back to hitting the books – I have a MAJOR exam on Thursday (to become an authorized interest rate analyst… Snore.), so I’ll be off to Oslo from Wednesday afternoon until Sunday.

Miss Match

February 7, 2010

I wore mismatched, inside out socks to the gym today. But a least I’m here, 55min spinning coming right up.

Ch-ch-ch Changes

February 5, 2010

I haven’t been writing much lately – which means that I haven’t been doing so well.  I don’t like to write about all the stuff I’ve been doing wrong, because if I don’t talk about it, it’s easier to ignore it.  I’m nervous, because I’m falling into old habits to a certain degree – grabbing handfuls of nuts and not counting them, permitting myself “free days” and the worst one: eating in secret.

On Saturday, Jman’s parents came over for dinner – I made duck confit and a caramel apple tart – delicious. I *did* overindulge, but not to a ridiculous extent.  That is until the next day.  When I finished up the remaining half of the tart, and about a half cup +++ of caramel sauce.  Did I mention the caramel sauce ingredients? Brown sugar, butter, cream. Nothing else.

But I exercized Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Thursday and somehow I’m down 0.8 kg/2 lbs.  That makes my total loss so far almost 16 lbs, and for some reason I thought I would have started noticing changes in my body by now.  I’m a sucker for a quick fix – and while I do feel like my pants fit (a little) better, I’m not seeing any difference when I look in the mirror.  I was reading a post by Bitch Cakes today, and she’s had an incredible transformation and is so proud of her body (with good reason).  Obviously, she’s been on this journey for ages longer than me – I suppose I’m just impatient.  I really hope that I will one day be able to look in the mirror and feel proud rather than embarrassed, critical and sad.

When I did Weight Watchers at university, I did it for 6 weeks.  I consistenly lost 2 lbs per week, but I suddenly just stopped going. Why? I have no idea. I found that keeping track of calories was too much work; I had a few slip-ups and somehow justified to myself that that was a good reason to go have a dozen wings and a pitcher of beer.  At the end of that stint I was 158 lbs; 22 lbs less than I weigh today.

I’ve now been doing the healthier thing for 5 weeks – and I solemnly promise that I will NOT throw in the towel after 6.  I’m not going to get healthy overnight, but if I stick with this, I will eventually be in the “Normal” BMI category (rather than the “Overweight” one).   I am no longer “OBESE”, and I never EVER intend to be again.