End of Week 4

And I’m down a total of 6.4 kgs!

That said, when I weighed in this morning, I was feeling rather dehydrated, so I’m suspecting that it’s not necessarily that great, but I’m very pleased no less!

Went to an awesome strength/core class yesterday, after pounding out 4.5 km on the treadmill in exactly 30 minutes.  I’m working on completing 5 km in 30 mins, and I think this is a good mini-goal.   And in other news, I was able to do one “real” push-up! I’ve never EVER been able to do a real push-up – I’ve always kept my knees on the ground. So I’m so proud about that.

This weekend will be a challenge, though – working late this evening (last working day of the month = lots of accounting crapola), then having Jman’s parents over for dinner tomorrow night. And I’m serving CONFIT OF DUCK.  Also known as duck that’s been braised in pure fat for 4 hours, and my “last meal”. And some sort of dessert. And copious amounts of wine.  Danger danger….


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