Tomorrow night I’m going on a “retreat” with work. Basically we go to a hotel an hour’s drive away, have a meeting, have dinner, and then have another meeting the next day.
I’m nervous. Not so much for the meeting, but for the SEVEN course set gourmet meal we’re being served, and the accompanying wine menu.
Since it’s a set menu, I can’t substitute anything. And everyone at the office are pretty big drinkers, so I’m worried as to how I can keep my meal lower calorie, while not arousing suspicion among my colleagues.
I’m going to try to keep the wine to a minimum, and simply have small vites of my meal. Obviously I’ll likely end up way over points, but I’m going to try my hardest. Fingers crossed!
And work out on Saturday! I went to another class at the ym today – the treadmill at work was once again being hogged by some guy listening to death metal. I’m so excited for the ICE to melt, so I can hit the road!


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