Contrasts and ZUMBA

How’s this for contrast?

These are from the Jman and my walk on Orre beach on Sunday. It was windy and FREEZING! Look at the snow!

Countdown to summer starts now.

In other news I had an awesome day at work today – we had tax auditors at the bank today, and I got to use some of my tax background. (I know I’m lame – I LOVE tax).  Went to Catslide again, and it was killer – my stomach is still sore from my Saturday session.  Then I tried Zumba, but I have to admit I’m not a fan.  I didn’t think it was a very challenging workout, and I struggled with the hip moves. I like to get more “bang for my buck” when working out, and I just feel so awkward when I’m supposed to do the ass-shaking. I’m AWFUL at ass-shaking. Awkward.


One Response to Contrasts and ZUMBA

  1. slowmiles says:

    I want to live near the beach!

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