Cool Runnings

Brr! It’s still cold outside here! Went for a walk on Orre beach with the Jman.  Loved the fresh air, didn’t love the freezing temperatures!

My body is in pain, though – I went to Catslide yesterday and man, does it burn! Basically you get four oven mitt-like pads, and you put one under the limb that you want to “slide”.  Hm. That didn’t really explain it very well.  Lots of plank-like moves my abs are dead. 

Otherwise, not much to report.  I’m quite hungry lately, but I’m managing to stay within points.  Ish. 

Ran 6 km yesterday on the treadmill, and I’m hoping to run outside as soon as the ice melts – I’m nervous as to how I’m going to do with “longer” distances on the ground as opposed to the treadmill.


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