Trudge Trudge

Wow, this blog is getting BO-RING. The only new thing to report is 6.5 km on the treadmill in the work basement last night.  With NO incline.  Which is weak, I try to run with an incline to make the run seem more like running on the ground.

I think this running thing is going to be a major mental challenge, as well as a physical one – Since I don’t actually tend to *enjoy* the actual exercise, I tend to need someone there to yell at me to keep going (a reason why I like classes).  The entire time yesterday, I kept looking at the time, willing it to go faster.  I’m excited for when the temperatures go up a bit, so I can run outside – that way I’ll have more interesting stuff to look at than a cement wall.

Plan for tonight is Spinning (70 min! What am I thinking!?), and I think I’m going to make eggplant with tomato sauce and chicken for dinner.  I have a massive carb craving and 10 points left for the day right now, so I might have some sort of delicious snack…


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