Yoga, baby

There was no running last night – and in spite of great plans to hit up a spinning class, after a LONG day at work, I was just not feelnig up to it.  A little later, though, I felt better, and decided to try out some yoga. 

Back at university (you know, about 20 kgs ago), I did Hot Yoga/Bikram for a while. And I loved it!! Unfortunalte there are no hot studios in Norway, so I had to improvise.  Cue turning on the floor heating to max, and filling up the dryer to heat up the bathroom.

It worked pretty well! I did 90 mins of a Hot Yoga with Dawnelle from YogaDownload and while there were some space contstraints, and not quite as warm as I’d like it, it worked!

My form, however, was off.  I haven’t done yoga in over 3 years, and I’d forgotten how hard it is – I fell out of poses a lot.  But I completed the class, and felt pretty good afterwards!

The thing I noticed, though – is that I find yoga to be quite hard on my joints. I thought yoga was supposed to be quite gentle and safe if you have troublesome joints, but I found that my knees, ankles and wrists are not feeling great today. Maybe I just need some more practice.

Plan for today is to stay within points and some kind of physical activity – we’ll see what I end up doing!


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