Day 5

Day five, and feeling alive. Ish.

I feel very good about my food habits over the last couple of days – I’ve eaten healthily, stayed within my points range, and actually not felt like I’m missing out much.  I haven’t really had any major cravings for the bad food that I love, and I haven’t been feeling like I’m starving.

That was a major worry for me, to be honest – I love food, and tend to eat a LOT of it when it’s available.  If, for example, there was a warm, delicious pizza on the table, I’d be better off not eating any at all than having a small piece, because chances are that I wouldn’t stop with just the one small piece.  I think not having a bite of any of my “downfalls” prevents triggering the craving.

As for my exercise, I am struggling more.  I used to work out quite a lot before, and it’s quite disheartening to realize how much work it is to jog 3 km at a slow pace (I even had to take some walking breaks), when I used to be able to jog 8 km without much problem. 

Same with spinning – I went to a 40 min class on Sunday, and it was embarrassing how brutal it was. 

I’m unsure about what exercise to do this evening – I know I have to do something, but I’m just feeling quite blah and uninspired.  I would actually really like to go to a class at the gym, but with the New Year’s hordes, it could easily be more hassle than not.  Last year, every class was either full or overbooked for the entire month of January, and all the machines were packed.

So we’ll see – I *have* to do something though.

In other news I’m off to Oslo on Friday – I’m doing an interest rate analyst certification, which means hardcore sessions from 9-18 Friday-Sunday.  Last time there were lots of dinners out and beer, and I’m actually contemplating being a bit of a hermit this time. If I go to the hotel gym, and eat on my own, the chances are much greater that I won’t have a setback.  And a setback would be shitty, given the fact that this is still week one (of many).


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