Points Points Points

In order to keep track of my eating, I’ve decided to do a simplified version of WeightWatchers points. I lost 10 lbs in 6 weeks on WeightWatchers when I was at university – the intention was to lose more, but true to form, I dropped out. Even before I lost weight then, I weighed 30 lbs less than I do now, so there’s much more to tackle now.

Anyway, the reason I stopped was my own fault entirely, and all I know is that the system works. Eat less and more healthfully + Exercise more = Better shape!  The accountability of weekly weigh-ins helped, too – but this time I’m replacing meetings with this blog.  I would love to do meetings actually, but unfortunately Weight Watchers haven’t made it to Norway yet, so I’m doing it this way.

Now that I have an iPhone (which I love WAY too much), I decided I’d try to find some kind of tracking software. WW doesn’t have its own tracking tools (not for free at least), but I found something called iLog it which does a pretty good job.  I’ve entered the UK Weight Watchers formula, so I can calculate points, and have an allowance of 20 points per day. 

Leave a comment if you want any tips on how to set it up!

Otherwise, I’m still fairly on track – went to a mere 40 mins of Spinning yesterday, and it was BRUTAL, then spent about 15 minutes stretching to ease my sore sore legs. Went to see It’s Complicated with J in the evening – after a friend recommended it. It was pretty horrible. Apart from the guy who plays Jim Halpert in the Office US (who was hilarious – and he’s impossible not to love), it was boring and felt very contrived.  Also, we ran into a friend’s mother at the cinema, and she mentioned how much she gets annoyed by Meryl Streep – and I couldn’t get it out of my mind. She IS *really* annoying! (My annoyance started when I watched Mamma Mia!).

Anyways, I was pretty happy, as I only ate one of these: Love Hearts lipstick!

Retro! Two of these is 1 point on WeightWatchers, so I think I did well. Although I *did* steal some of J’s popcorn, but it was definitely no more than a handful. Yay!

I did sneak in 15 g of dark chocolate around 10pm, making me ever so slightly above my daily goal, but I’m still pleased.


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