January 29, 2010

I’ve been reading a lot of fitness blogs that have recently dealt with the topics of gym attire. January does bring out a lot of new or irregular exercisers at the gym (New Year’s Resolutions, anyone?), and you do see a lot of weird stuff.  I try my hardest not to be judgy re: what people wear to the gym – primarily due to the fact that I’m super paranoid that I’m being silently judged for any/all of the following:

  • what I’m wearing
  • my excessive sweating
  • my weight
  • my heavy breathing
  • my lack of grace
  • etc.

However. When someone comes to a step class in Birkenstocks, it’s pretty hard not to react. Not only does it look strange, but it must be SO uncomfortable!  The same goes for jeans while on the spinning bikes and hotpants and a pushup bra/spaghetti strap tank top combo on the treadmill.  The girl wearing the latter (complete with hair-extentions and tramp stamp) must have been wearing it to look good, but good lord – watching someone run while not “supported” adequately just looks painful!

I have a few criteria for my own gym attire:

  1. Good shoes. I get blisters really easily, and for some reason, if a shoe has too much cushioning, my feet tend to get pins and needles and fall asleep.  Weird.  I also have somewhat weak ankles, so I make sure that I have shoes that give me proper support.   Also, since doing a bike race last year, I can’t go to spinning without actual clip-in spinning shoes. I feel like I get so much more out of the workout in my bike shoes – and I don’t care if it’s psychological.
  2. No shorts. I DESPISE shorts. As in LOATHE. I have thunder thighs. That’s ok – my thighs have always been big, even when I was way skinnier.  I don’t really mind. However, I look awful in shorts.  And sorry for the TMI, but shorts = chafing. Gross. Plusalso. MEGAunflattering. And I feel stupid enough at the gym already, I don’t need ugly shorts to make me feel worse about myself. 
  3. Follow-up to the shorts.  I refuse to work out in sweats.  They’re too warm, loose, get stuck in stuff, the list goes on. I’m on the tight gym-pants/capris/leggings bandwagon.  Tight, because I feel they give support and enable better freedom of movement, but the number one criteria is asscrack prevention. Sorry. This post is getting explicit. But there’s nothing I more annoying that to constantly have to pull up my pants because I’m scared of plumber’s butt. 
  4. A good sports bra is a must. As I mentioned earlier, watching someone jump around “unsupported” is painful. So is jumping around unsupported.

Favorites: Along with, you know, the rest of the world, I adore Lululemon. I was introduced to them when I started university in Canada back in 2002, and it was love at first sight.  They have the most flattering, comfortable gym wear EVER, and I wish my bank balance could afford more of their stuff.

Some favorites:

I LOVE this top. I had one in red eons ago, but I wore it so much that it eventually looked more pink than red.  Furthermore, it got too small.

See, that’s me on the right wearing it (in Chiang Mai, Thailand).  I also happen to be wearing Lululemon Groove Crop. Another fave – that eventually got so worn out that the inner seam tore.

My current favorite is the Groove pant (see below).  I had no idea gym clothes could be this flattering. Seriously. It’s like they transform you! Big fan.

Do you have a favorite brand of gym clothes?

End of Week 4

January 29, 2010

And I’m down a total of 6.4 kgs!

That said, when I weighed in this morning, I was feeling rather dehydrated, so I’m suspecting that it’s not necessarily that great, but I’m very pleased no less!

Went to an awesome strength/core class yesterday, after pounding out 4.5 km on the treadmill in exactly 30 minutes.  I’m working on completing 5 km in 30 mins, and I think this is a good mini-goal.   And in other news, I was able to do one “real” push-up! I’ve never EVER been able to do a real push-up – I’ve always kept my knees on the ground. So I’m so proud about that.

This weekend will be a challenge, though – working late this evening (last working day of the month = lots of accounting crapola), then having Jman’s parents over for dinner tomorrow night. And I’m serving CONFIT OF DUCK.  Also known as duck that’s been braised in pure fat for 4 hours, and my “last meal”. And some sort of dessert. And copious amounts of wine.  Danger danger….


January 27, 2010

Can I go here? Please?

Hump day

January 27, 2010

After the disaster that was this weekend I decided it was time to get back on track on Monday.  And it was tough. But I’ve stayed within POINTS on Monday and Tuesday – attending 55 minute Spinning on Monday, and the notorious 30 min Catslide + 10 min treadmill yesterday.

I’m actually not all that sore from Catslide – which I find both uplifting and disappointing.  This could be partly because I’m getting stronger, but also that I maybe didn’t push myself as hard as I could have.

Anyway, today is the Body Composition Analysis here at work, as well as a fitness evaluation. Gahhhh… I’m nervous. But at the same time, it’s going to be great to have a starting point and something to compare results with in 20 weeks time.  By taking the test, I’m pledging to work out at least twice a week – so that should give me an additional push to keep exercising.  Will update with results later :).


January 25, 2010

This weekend went horribly. I stopped counting on Friday evening, and kept going until late sunday night. I can’t even begin to list everything i ate and drank.
Half a pizza, countless beers, 4 sandwiches, bread and butter, mashed potatoes, apple pie w whipped cream – the list goes on. And no exercise. I went wrong in the exact same way i have before – justifying eating more because I’ve already slipped up.

Well, back on track today – on spinning bike now!


January 23, 2010

Well, this is where I woke up this morning -picture taken from directly outside my hotel room.

Weigh-in #4

January 22, 2010

Well, this week’s weigh-in was nowhere near as good as those in the past few weeks.  I’ve lost 0,3 kg/0,7 lbs this last week.  I think this is because I lost so much weight so quickly the first two weeks – 3 and 2 kilograms per week is not what I expected!

I’m still aiming to lose 1 kg/2 lbs a week – so I’m still in the clear on average.

I’m still dreading this evening – and I’ve adjusted my expectations that as long as I don’t eat until I’m MORE than full, I’ll be happy.  And the most important thing is that I get right back on plan on Saturday – I’m hoping to fit in some exercise as well.


January 22, 2010

Tomorrow night I’m going on a “retreat” with work. Basically we go to a hotel an hour’s drive away, have a meeting, have dinner, and then have another meeting the next day.
I’m nervous. Not so much for the meeting, but for the SEVEN course set gourmet meal we’re being served, and the accompanying wine menu.
Since it’s a set menu, I can’t substitute anything. And everyone at the office are pretty big drinkers, so I’m worried as to how I can keep my meal lower calorie, while not arousing suspicion among my colleagues.
I’m going to try to keep the wine to a minimum, and simply have small vites of my meal. Obviously I’ll likely end up way over points, but I’m going to try my hardest. Fingers crossed!
And work out on Saturday! I went to another class at the ym today – the treadmill at work was once again being hogged by some guy listening to death metal. I’m so excited for the ICE to melt, so I can hit the road!

Contrasts and ZUMBA

January 19, 2010

How’s this for contrast?

These are from the Jman and my walk on Orre beach on Sunday. It was windy and FREEZING! Look at the snow!

Countdown to summer starts now.

In other news I had an awesome day at work today – we had tax auditors at the bank today, and I got to use some of my tax background. (I know I’m lame – I LOVE tax).  Went to Catslide again, and it was killer – my stomach is still sore from my Saturday session.  Then I tried Zumba, but I have to admit I’m not a fan.  I didn’t think it was a very challenging workout, and I struggled with the hip moves. I like to get more “bang for my buck” when working out, and I just feel so awkward when I’m supposed to do the ass-shaking. I’m AWFUL at ass-shaking. Awkward.

Take me here!

January 19, 2010

This is from when I was on Phi Phi in February 2005. I want to go back!!