It’s still Christmastime (ish) and I was lucky enough to find some envelopes under the tree.  I’ve purchased two products to help me out with my fitness goals.

1. New running shoes! Nike+ Zoom Elite 4 to be exact.  Not that I really know what that means – they were on sale, and according to the sales guy fit my feet well, as I have a slight “overpronation”.  Bonus: They’re pink! 

2. A Nike+ iPod Sensor!  I was tempted by this by my brother, who got one for Christmas from his (somewhat unsublte) girlfriend.  Basically, the sensor measures distance, pace etc, and gives audio feedback while you’re listening to music.  It will also allow you to save your workouts on your iPod, and upload them, so you can track progress and whatnot. 

I think this sounds like something that could be very motivating.  I’ll be back with a review when I’ve tried it out.

Another challenge I’ve thought of, is the AWFUL conditions that are currently outside.  All the pavements are covered in a thick layer of snow/ice, and given my rather clumsy nature, I’m a bit hesitant to running outside yet… I may have to go for treadmill action until the weather improves a little.


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