Kick me

Kick me into shape, that is.

I had an AWFUL ephiphany the other day while looking at photos from when my friends Clare and Eleanor came to visit.  Not only am I obese (yup, I checked the charts), I am also unfit, fleshy and downright fat.

I’ve never been athletic or slim, but I’ve always been in *decent* shape from dragging my ass into some exercise somehow. Well, that has not been the case for the last year – and it *definitely* shows.  I participated in Nordsjørittet in June, but since then I can count the number of times I have exercised on one hand.

So. New Year, New Life – the same old classic.

I’ve asked my brother for a bathroom scale for Christmas (haha, he’s not great at Christmas shopping – I’ve actually already purchased and wrapped it).  Once it’s been opened, I will post my starting weight here.  Ugh. It will definitely be a high, and not in a good way.

Furthermore, I’ve signed up and paid for the Berlin Marathon, September 26, 2010. GAH!! I realise going from couch to marathon in 9 months is not the best idea, but I really need something to push me, and I’m hoping that this will do that.

And lastly. New Years resolution: EAT BETTER. And less.

Increase veggies.

Increase lean protein.

Increase water intake (I currently rely on too much diet coke. NOT hydrating)

Decrease fat and sugar.

Replace “white” starches with dark ones, and focus on healthy carbs.

Wish me luck. No, not luck, wish me power of mind and body!


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