Images from Oslo

Chandelier at Olympen. Awesome “brown pub” that’s been done up. Spectacular traditional food (I had lutefisk) and cheap beer (well, for Norwegian standards – 50 kr for 0,5 l).

Ps. I LOVE chandeliers.

View from the Airport Express Train. First glimpse of the sun in sooo long.

WAYNE’S COFFEE is a Swedish coffee chain that has opened up shop in Oslo.   Delicious double espresso ice latte!  I can’t believe they’re getting away with the blatant Starbucks ripoff logo, though. It was quite funny, actually – I was practically sleepwalking on Sunday morning, so I decided to go get a caffeine hit. When I got to the coffeeshop, however, the girl working there was fast asleep.  As in snoring, with her legs up on the counter.  Sometimes I suppose you just have to catch your Zs when you can.

From inside a Tuk-Tuk at YAYA’s Thai Beach Bungalow restaurant.


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