Word from the Wise

Do not dye your hair at home after 1,5 bottles of wine.  Trust me, it’s just not a good idea.

Saturday was one of those nights where nothing really big happened, but me and J (my plus one) stayed in and drank wine and ate takeout.  After far too much wine, I hit the L’Oreal (I’ve had the box of dye lying around for ages – I usually try to get my hair done at the hairdresser’s, but I’m so beyond broke now, that I figured I’d just go with the box).

Anyways.  My hair doesn’t look that bad.  My bathroom, however, is a different story.  I somehow managed to get chocolate brown stains on the tiles, bathroom cupboard, and pretty much every bottle/tube in the bathroom – it looks disgusting.

Furthermore, and this is actually rather hilarious, J, who is blond, came and gave me a hug when my hair was covered in brown goop.  And got some on his eyebrow. And didn’t realize until the next morning. 

Now he’s got something like this going on. But only on one eyebrow. Awe. Some.


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