First-time Homeowner

In March, J and I bought an apartment together.  It’s the first time I’ve owned my own home, and I love it! What I don’t love: the expenses.  We purchased our apartment new, so luckily there’s no renovation required.  Which is good – I am the most “handy” and my handy extends to the the degree of putting IKEA furniture together.

However, since it’s our first place, there are a lot of things we don’t have. Ceiling lights are still noticeably missing.  And apart from one painting, the walls are very large and very white.  But it’s a work in progress – first on the list is carpets.

Decent view, no? (If you ignore the parking lot and buildings, I mean). This is from our balcony, and in the summer we actually get a decent amount of sun in the afternoon.


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