Epic Fail


The article is in Norwegian, so no need to read it if you don’t speak it. The article writes about a 18 year-old guy who drunkenly went into his car to pick up a packet of cigarettes while (heavily) inebriated. While reaching across the seat, he accidentally nudged the gearstick, resulting in the car rolling down a hill and into an empty road, while his legs were still outside of the door of the front seat. Note: he had forgotten to put on his hand break.

His keys were not in the car, and the engine was not running.

Now – this guy got 15 days of prison and a 5000 kr (approx USD 1000) fine for drunk driving. His blood alcohol content was ,19% – ie WAY above the legal limit of ,08%.

HOWEVER. If this truly happened as it was told, I find it to be an extreme overreaction that he got jailtime for this. I am SO against any kind of drunk driving, but this wasn’t doing that – he didn’t even have the key in the engine!

It certainly seems like a shitty thing to get a criminal record for.


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