Just saw the movie. Fine, the special effects were cool… But otherwise. Meh. I found it to be looooong, and much too MacGyver-ish (you know, where absolutely everything is *barely* saved at the *absolute* last minute with lots of explosions and drama).  Not to mention highly unrealistic and hypocritical.  But it is a the-end-is-nigh movie though, so I guess I can’t really complain about that.

I’ve heard a lot of talk with regard to the whole 2012 phenomenon, but like the cynic I am, I really can’t make myself believe that the apocalypse will be upon us in a mere three years; regardless of who or what has implied that it will.
I do like John Cusack though. And popcorn.

Side note – if anyone’s seen the movie.  Wasn’t it weird how quickly everyone forgot about Gordon?


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